About Premium Polywicker Baskets and Stands

Select Polywicker Baskets from a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit every produce display. All sizes are readily available in the Natural Wicker colour. Selected sizes are also available in Chocolate colour.

Optional Basket Liners and Clear Fronts help maximise the effectiveness of the displays.

We recommend selecting the correct size of basket for your particular application. Fruit and Vegetable displays displays look most appealing when the baskets are mounded up and full.

But do not select a basket that is too deep. When a deep basket is filled to capacity it will be heavy and may cause damage to the produce on the bottom. Instead use baskets with false bottoms or partly fill them with wood wool or other filler. And keep them full by restocking them regularly.

Free-standing and counter-top display units are available for these baskets to add to their flexibility.

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Poly-Wicker baskets are made
from tightly woven plastic wicker.

The edges of the baskets are reinforced
for strength and durability.

Larger size baskets feature stainless steel reinforcing wires.

Poly-Wicker Baskets are available
with equal-height sides for
maximum display capacity.

Or with Slanted design to provide
greater visibility of the produce,
particularly on flat shelves.

All sizes are available in the Natural Wicker Colour. Some sizes are also available in Chocolate.

Optional extras include Basket
Liners. These are made to order
and available for all
basket sizes.

Basket Liners are made from EVA,
a soft, foam-like rubber material
to help protect soft items and
make the baskets easier to clean.

Clear Acrylic Front Panels
can be custom made for selected
basket styles. They help minimise
product spillover. Made to order.

Purchase individual baskets
and accessories.
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Or Free-standing Basket Display
Stands in two sizes and two styles.
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Or Counter Top Basket Display
Units with a choice of two.

About Premium Polywicker Stands

The Poly-Wicker Basket Stands are sold as a complete unit that includes 4 or 6 Poly-Wicker Baskets making them an ideal display unit that can be easily moved around your store and help you to increase customer impulse sales

Select from a range of basket styles, sizes and colours.

Plus there are optional Basket Liners to maximise the effectiveness of the displays.

In addition to the multi-basket floor units we now have a single basket floor stand. This was originally designed to display bread sticks and baguettes but also makes a general purpose Dump Bin for a range of merchandise.

The new Counter Display Stand with Poly-Wicker Baskets is ideal for displaying smaller items on counters and shelves. 

The Multi-Basket Stands have a
strong steel powdercoated pole with
a sturdy 5-Legged Base.

The basket cradles are made from
6mm steel rod and powdercoated black.

These Display Stands include the Low Medium Natural Colour Poly Wicker Basket 400x250x100mm.

Also available with Natural Colour
Medium Poly Wicker Baskets.400x300x175mm.

Also available with
Chocolate Colour Low Medium Poly
Wicker Baskets.400x250x100mm.

Also available with
Chocolate Colour Medium Poly
Wicker Baskets.400x300x175mm.

The baskets can be moved up and
down the poles. Or individual baskets
can be easily removed.

The baskets and cradles can be
rotated around the poles and front-faced
for better product visibility.

Or rotated to face any direction.

Select from Floor Display Stands
with 4 Poly Wicker Baskets.

Or Floor Display Stands
with 6 Poly Wicker Baskets.

Or small counter-top Display Units
with 3 Poly Wicker Baskets.