About Edikio Ticket Printing Systems

The Edikio Ticket Printing System creates and prints on plastic tickets which are suitable for all fresh food retailers. Say goodbye to handwritten tickets and signs. Stop wasting time printing and laminating paper tickets. Join the 1000's of retailers who are already benetfiting from the many benefits of Edikio tickets.

Edikio Ticket Printing System

Prints on Durable Plastic Tickets

Prints on Durable Plastic Tickets
Not on paper. Hygienic and easy to clean. Resistant to cold and moisture.

Several Ticket Sizes

Select from Four Ticket Sizes
55.6x54mm, 120x50mm,
150x50mm and 54x28mm

Range on Ticket Colours

Range of Ticket Colours
Matt black, red, green, blue, yellow, silver and more. Plus Slate imitation.

Edikio Access Ticket Printer

Edikio Access Ticket Printer
 Single sided printing on 55.6x54mm tickets. Suitable for smaller businesses with lower volume requirements.

Edikio Flex Ticket Printer

Edikio Flex Ticket Printer
 Single sided printing on all 4 ticket sizes. Suitable for most businesses requiring a flexible ticketing solution.

Edikio Duplex Ticket Printer

Edikio Duplex Ticket Printer
 Double sided printing on 55.6x54mm tickets. Suitable businesses requiring a larger volume ticketing solution.

Edikio High Performance Printer

All-In-One Ticketing Solution
 Everything you need including a high-performance printer. Works just like a standard office printer. Print a plastic ticket in 15 seconds!

Edikio Dedicated Software Included

PLUS Dedicated Software
Easy to use. Includes heaps of standard ticket formats to suit most fresh food retailers, a library of images and an exclusive chalkboard font.

Blank Tickets and Ribbon Included

PLUS Blank Tickets and Ribbon
Just drop them into the printer, load the software and you are ready to create your own professional looking tickets. In-house. On-demand.

Print on Matt Black Tickets

Print White on Matt Black Tickets
Popular choice for many fresh food retailers. White printer ribbon and black tickets supplied with the printer.

Print with Coloured Ribbons on White Tickets

Or Print Colour on White Tickets
Use single colour ribbons in several colours. Or use full colour printer ribbons to create unique tickets.

Print on Coloured Tickets

Or Print on Coloured Tickets
Red, yellow, green, blue, silver and more. Plus the visually-interesting imitation slate tickets.

Not Just For Food Tickets

Not Just For Food Tickets
Also print your own plastic name badges, business cards, loyalty cards and more, in-house, and on-demand.

Made in France

Made in France
Premium quality printers made in France by Evolis in their ISO 9001- certified production plant.

Made by Evolis

Made by Evolis
Evolis is the world's leading supplier of plastic ID card printing solutions with over 500,000 installations world wide.


About Edikio Printers by Evolis
Launched in 2000. Since then more than 7000 retailers have adopted the Edikio solution to print their price tags.

YouTube Introduction

YouTube Introduction
Click to view the YouTube Introduction and find out more about the Edikio Ticket Printing System.


John The Baker Video
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