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Cheese Displays

For all types of cheeses. And all types of cheese displays.

Most cheese retailers display their in one of 3 ways: In refrigerated coffin-style units, on refrigerated shelving or within the deli cabinets with the smallgoods. Each requires different display techniques and different display products to display the cheese well.

The display of cheese raises many questions and dilemmas. Should the cheese be catergorised by it's origin (France, Australia, Holland for example)? Or should it be displayed by type (soft, hard, smelly)? Or by age? Or by milk type (cow, sheep, goat)?

Most cheese is a muted yellow in colour, some with blue. How do I make such similar looking products look exciting and entice my customers to buy?

How do I display all of the necessary product information on the price ticket (CoOL symbols, milk type, age, description, price) without obscruring the cheese?

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Introduction to our Fresh Cheese Display Products

Our display products for fresh cheese displays include Polywicker Baskets, Display Mats and Wooden Crates to contain cheese portions. Or similar rustic display products which can be inverted and used as a plinth for the cheese.
For deli cabinets there are several Risers, Steps and Hi-Lite Stands to help create elevation and visual interest within the display. Our range of Melamine and Slate Platters will also help give the displays a lift. The exciting Wooden Trays and Risers are a popular display accessory for cheese. And several effective Ticketing Solutions are available to add the cheese descriptions to the displays.

Fresh Cheese Display Products