Melamine Olaria display Bowls

Melamine Olaria Bowls

Melamine Olaria Display Bowls are a popular way to create highlight zones in a display

These Melamine Display Bowls are a premium,  top-of-the-range display bowl for fresh food displays.

Typically these bowls are used to display selected, value-added fresh food products in the centre of a display cabinet. Suitable fresh food products might include fresh salads and your most popular antipasto. They look fantastic when used to create a zone of olives.

The bowls are made from melamine so they are light weight but tough and durable. Unlike ceramic bowls, Olaria Display Bowls are unlikely to break or get chipped during normal use.

Fleur Display Bowls have a gloss ribbed finish on the inside and an aesthetically appealing matt finish on the outside.

Select from two sizes. Terracotta or white. Due to the popularity of these bowls please email us to confirm availability before placing your order.

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Page last updated 24 July 2018