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About Shop4Shops Blog

Our Blog is about helping our customers make informed decisions when looking for display products for their business.

These pages include informative content to supplement the details contained on the detailed product pages elsewhere on this site. Some of the content will cover specific topics like assembly instructions and set up guides. Other content will be more informal or conversational.

One of the main aims of our Blog is to share thoughts, ideas and quick updates on our products. And to pass on what we have learned when supplying display products to other businesses.

We hope you like our Blog. We encourage feedback. Perhaps you would like to comment positively (or not) on a specific Blog. Or maybe you would like to see a Blog on a topic that interests your business. Or for any reason relating to our Blog please send us an email. But try and make your comments constructive. These pages are not a forum to raise complaints about a product or service. And please note, we are not consultants. The information contained on these pages is intended to be of a general nature only. We are unable to address requests for information on the design and set up of individual businesses.

Content of Our Blog

We have divided our Blog into separate sections covering topics relating to different business types. Within each section we have organised the content in date order, with most recent content displayed first. Because our Blog is a recent addition to our web site the content is a bit sparse. Please visit this page regularly to see new additions. Or send us an email to be added to our Newsletter.

Page last updated 02 August 2018