Better Quality Shopping Baskets at great prices.

Shopping Baskets

Why should you buy our Shopping Baskets?

Shopping Baskets are an essential items for most businesses.

Our Shopping Baskets have been designed for businesses like Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Pharmacies, Hardware, Fresh Produce and Gourmet Food Stores that demand a tough, long lasting Shopping Basket that their customers will love. For many of these businesses, ours are the Shopping Basket of choice.

There are no magic answers when it comes to increasing sales in a retail businesses. However, strategically placed Shopping Baskets have been shown time and time again to help. They  do this by increasing the average number of items purchased. Your customers only have two hands. And often their hands are carrying a wallet, a phone, maybe a coat or handbag or a child. Customers may be down to one hand even before they start shopping. And once their hands are full they will stop browsing and head to the checkout. For more information, click: 6 Ways to Increase Sales Using Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets Independently tested to carry up to 120Kg

Shopping Basket Stands

Optional Stands to keep the Shopping Baskets neat and tidy.

Shopping Basket Colours

Red, black, green, blue and yellow Shopping Baskets

To find out more or to buy our Shopping Baskets

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Select from two styles of Shopping Baskets. The Shopping Baskets with Handles are available in 2 sizes. The Rolling Shopping Baskets with Wheels are available in two price ranges to suit any budgets. Both styles are super strong and come in up to 5 colours.

The product pages  below contain detailed product descriptions and specifications, lots of images, results of strength tests on the baskets and more information to help you with you buying decisions.

Our Shopping Baskets are not just for supermarkets and similar businesses. Other popular applications include pharmacy, hardware, school canteens, libraries, warehouses and more.

Page last updated 27 September 2018