acrylic cylinder display risers

Add elevation and visual effect by using these clear acrylic cylinders to highlight special or new products

Acrylic Cylinder Display Risers

Add visual excitement to your fresh food displays

These clear acrylic cylinders will add a point of difference to your displays.

Although some stores fill the cylinders with real fresh produce, most make a trip to their local homewares store and buy plastic imitation fruits and vegetables. But if doing the latter select the most realistic props available. Poor quality plastic fruits and vegetables can "kill"the effect of the clear cylinders and the platters if used.




Use these Acrylic Risers in two Ways

They are great when used as Risers to add elevation to your fresh food display trays and bowls. Use in a Deli cabinet to display a new or featured food product. Or as part of an eyecatching display in a hotel buffet. Mix the three heights to create more visually exciting displays.

Acrylic Cylinder Risers for Fresh Food Displays

For added impact fill the cylinder with pasta.

Acrylic Cylinder Risers for Fresh Food Displays

Select from four different cylinder sizes

Acrylic Cylinder Risers for Fresh Food Displays

Fill the cylinder with any plastic fruit or vegetable

Other applications include displaying them on top of your deli cabinet and filling them with merchandise that is for sale: lemons and limes near your seafood, those small one-serve sachets of tamari and wasabi near your sushi, salt and pepper serves or small healthy snacks for the kids

These Acrylic Cylinders can also be used as containers within your fresh food display cabinet to display anything from olives to sliced meats. The clear acrylic allows your customers to see all of the product on display.