BUY Premium Slatbox Storage and Display Containers

The universal storage and display system.

Slatbox storage and display boxes are the only ones in the world designed to attach directly to most shopfitting systems, including:

  • Every slotted wall system including Slatwall and Eyeline.
  • Mesh display systems including Slatgrid, Slatmesh, Gridmesh and similar mesh display systems with twin horizontal wires.
  • And punched metal and board style Pegboard used in Gondola Shelving.

Slatbox Storage and Display Containers are readily available in clear. Subject to minimum order quantities and despatch times of 3-10 days, they are also available in a range of colours. Email us for details.

Slatbox containers are one-piece plastic boxes with a built-in slat hook to fit exisiting store fixtures including Slatwall, Eyeline, Slatgrid and Pegboard.




Select from 4 styles of Slatbox in a range of colours: Storbox, Shelfbox, Popbox and Cratebox. Simply mix and match from the range for the perfect solution to any storage need.




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