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Just like our Cable Sleeve Displays but with pockets to hold multiple copies of brochures in each pocket.

  • Install on walls or floor to ceiling in windows
  • For A4 Portrait and DL (Trifold) Portrait Brochures
  • Easy to add additional cables and pockets at a later stage if required.

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Set display layouts

Or custom layouts

The Cable Display System for brochure displays is modular. The components can be installed to create many different layouts on almost any wall size. And additional cables and pockets can be added to expand the display, space permitting. Unlike the Expanda Stand Wall Mounted Brochure Display this system provides full visibility of every brochure in the display. No overlapping as in a tiered display.


There are three basic components for every display:
Cable Brochure Displays Top and Bottom Fixings Image

The Wall to Wall Cable Kits

Cable Brochure Displays Holder Image

The Acrylic Brochure Holders

Cable Brochure Display Componets Image

And the Aluminium Holder Fittings

The Cable Kits (image 1) consist of a top and bottom wall fitting (left of image 1) and the galvanised steel cable. The cable is 4 metres in length and can be cut to size by you to suit your particular application.

The wall fittings are multi-functional. Remove the top and bottom part to convert from a Wall-to-Wall application to a Floor-to-Floor application (right of image 1). When used as a Wall-to-Wall display the two-part fitting is approximately 50x50mm overall when assembled. The diameter of the individual component is 18mm.

The Brochure Holder Fittings (image 3) are used to attach the Acrylic Brochure Holders (image 3) to the Cables and come in two styles, single (16mm x 9mm dia.) and double (22mm x 9mm dia.). They are made from aluminium with a matt finish. Allen Keys are included fof installation.

Single Cable Brochure Display Holder Fitting Image

Single Brochure Holder Fitting

Double Cable Brochure Display Holder Fitting Image

Double Brochure Holder Fitting

Single A4 Acrylic Brochure Holder

Cable Brochure Display Holders DL Specifications Image

Double DL Acrylic Brochure Holder

The distance between the cables is 250mm. Use this measurement to work out how many holders will fit along your wall.

Cable Brochure Display Holders Specifications Image

How the components are used

Multiple Layouts

Whatever your wall size and mix of brochure sizes we can accomodate your needs. This system has holders for both A4 and DL size brochures but not A5 size.

Cable Brochure Displays with A4 Pockets

Displays with all A4 Brochure Holders

Cable Brochure Displays for A4 Brochures Image

Displays with all DL Brochure Holders

Cable Brochure Displays for Mixed A4 and DL Pockets Image

Or Displays with mixed A4 and DL

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