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special pricing for resellers

May apply to businesses that resell and distribute our products, shopfitters, builders and tradies

Conditions apply. Read for more information.

About Reseller Pricing

If you are a business that resells the type of products we sell we may be able to help. Includes:

  • Shopfitters
  • Builders
  • Joiners
  • Suppliers of Shopfititngs and Display Products to Businesses
  • Office Supply businesses selling products like Price Guns and Labels, Brochure Display Products and Sign Display Products


  • You must be an established business with a bricks and mortar address
  • You must preferably have a web site or social media presence so we can larn i bit nmore about you
  • Commit to pruchasing a minimum of around $10,000 of products a year
  • An initial order for a minimum of $500
  • The products should be for resale not your own use
  • All order should be prior-paid unless a trading account is established

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Page last updated 25 January 2020