Rustic Wooden Crates Barrels Basket Displays


Add rustic charm and eye-appeal to your shop displays

  • Wooden Display Barrels and Floor Stands
  • Wooden Display Crates and Floor Stands
  • Polywicker Display Baskets and Floor Stands
  • Island Displats and Platforms

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Commercial quality

Designed for Australian businesses

Prompt Australia-wide deliveries

Retailing in Australia is changing at a fast pace. Customers shopping behaviours are changing and their expectations when shopping at physical stores have evolved. And independent retailers are facing increased competition from national and international chains and online retailers.

Retailers must adapt and do things differently if they are to survive these challenges. A theme throughout this web site is that there is no single magic answer. But, when combined, small changes, can have a significant positive effect on the success of a business. Adding some of the display products in this department of our website can be one of these small changes. 

Effective display products can help improve Customers Shopping Experience, increase the Perceived Value of the products on display and maximise impulse sales through Cross Merchandising.

And, most of our Rustic Display Products are more than just display containers to put your product into. They can be powerful sales generators when used as "Special" and "Dump Bins".

Our Range Includes:

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Wooden Display Crates Application

Wooden Display Crates

Wooden Display Barrel Application

Wooden Display Barrels

Polywicker Display Baskets Application

Polywicker Display Baskets

Wooden Crate Floor Stands

Wooden Barrel Floor Stands

Polywicker Floor Stands

All of the barrels, crates, baskets and stands are commercial quality designed for Australian businesses. They are not the same as the inferior, home-use products available from Asian food stores, home furniture businesses and discount retailers. Most of the baskets, for example, are strengthened with stainless steel and are fully washable. Some of the crates have a food-contact grade finish or have optional liners to protect the crates and the products on display. Matching Floor Display Stands are available for most of these crates, barrels and baskets.

Although popular for fresh produce displays these products are also commonly specified for other retailers wanting to add rustic charm to their displays, including homewares, clothing, hospitality, toys and giftware.


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