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Innovative, yet affordable shop fitting and display solutions for businesses

  • Wall-based systems like Slatwall, Eyeline and Concealed Stripping
  • Quick and easy display solutions like Slatmesh
  • Glass and Melamine Shelves
  • Large range of metal and acrylic accessories to complete the displays

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Proven, effective designs

Cost effective products

Australia-wide delivery

About Shopfittings for Shops

Whether you are setting up a new business, refurbishing an existing one or looking to display your products more effectively, we have the solution. And at the right price. Select from innovative, market-leader shopfitting and display systems. Or from a range of selected imported, functional display systems at budget prices.

Most of the shopfitting systems displayed on these pages can be easily installed by the average tradesman or competent handyman. Installation instructions are supplied with the products or can be accessed on this web site. And we have supplied many in-store images to illustrate the end result.

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Shopfittings for all types of businesses

Shopfittings for Clothing and Clothing Accessories Image
Shopfittings for Pharmacy Vitamins and Haircare Image
Shopfittings for Bottleshops Image
Shopfittings for Homewares and Gifts Image
Shopfittings for Charities Image
Shopfittings for Sporting Image
Shopfittings for Newsagencies and Bookshops Image
Shopfittings for Hardware and Garden Centres
Shopfittings for Sporting Image

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