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data strips

For shelf edge labelling

Display products that will save you time and money and help increase sales. Also known as Scanstrip, Price Strips and Ticket Strips. Large range of types:

  • Traditional flat adhesive profiles
  • Profiles with ticket grip strip
  • Angled profiles
  • Standard or refrigeration adhesives
  • New clip-on profiles
  • Clear and coloured backings


A profile for every application

Superior quality and price

Australia-wide deliveries

Data Strips are the professional way to display price and product information on shelf edges, baskets, in fridges and more.

Studies by market-leader researchers has shown that having clear, easy-to-read labels with price and product descriptions on shelves can increase sales by 10% or more when compared to shelves without labels. Data Strips are the low cost and efficient way to add this information to your displays.

Data Strips Improved Label Visibility Image

Data Strips improve the visibility and scanability of shelf edge labels

Datastripping Easy to Change Labels

Quick and easy label changes. Just open the clear front panel and insert the label

Data Strips Large Range of Types and Colours Image

Profiles for every application and shelf type: Adhesive, Clip-On, Clip-In or Hanging

Select Data Strips from many different profiles with sizes to suit labels from 26mm to 80mm high. All have clear fronts to protect your labels. And a choice of backing colours are available to compliment or contrast with the colours of your store shelving. Or use these colours to highlight the products on display ...... green for organic or vegan .... red for specials .... or different colours to visually separate different zones within your store.

Why buy Data Strips from Shop4Shops?

Most of our regular customers, including national retailers like IGA Supermarkets, Cellarbrations Bottleshops and Federal Hotels recognise the perils of buying poor quality Data Strips. These include shorter life, inferior adhesives, yellowing and cracking. For this reason we have gone to great lengths to make sure we supply only the best products that do the job they are designed to do.

There is not a factory in China that cannot make cheaper and nastier Data Strips. And they do! Many of these are sold in Australia, but not by us. The inferior products may cost a little less initially. But that can be false economy if they do not last. Our Data Strips are designed to be cost efficient in the long term.

Our Data Strips are made in South Korea not China feature stronger adhesive tapes with greater shear strength,  with less likelyhood of failure, resistance to yellowing in UV  and unaffected by humidity.

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BLOG The Good, Bad and Ugly of Data Strips

When buying Data Strips look for stronger adhesives, more styles and features, longer life and lower costs. Read for more

BLOG Data Strip Trends and Applications for 2020


  • New profiles
  • More applications
  • Designs to save time
  • Designs to save money

HOW TO GUIDE: Installing Data Strips

How to:

Increase the life of your Data Strips

Save money

Save time

Increasing the life of the Data Strips

Saving money

Saving time

Datastripping in Bottleshops

Data Strips for Liquor

Datastripping in Supermarkets

Data Strips for Supermarkets

Datastripping in Pharmacies

Data Strips for Pharmacies

Datastripping for Gourmet Foods Image

Data Strips for Gourmet Foods

Datastripping for Hardware Image

Data Strips for Paint and Hardware

Data Strips for Refrigeration Image

Data Strips for Refrigeration

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