Acrylic Display Cylinders


For awesome looking displays of jewellery, clothing accessories, toys and even fresh food

  • Made from crystal clear acrylic
  • 4 sizes
  • Use as a display container or as a plinth

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Made from premium acrylic

Use to add WOW to your displays

Use as a container or as a plinth

What do many of our customers love about our Acrylic Cylinders:

They solve their display problems:
Loose, unpacked merchandise like small clothing accessories, headbands, hair bands and clips are often difficult to display. Dump these producs in one or more Acrylic Cylinders and position them near the cash register and they will 'fly' out of the shop.

Delicatessens and other food retailer often find it difficult to generate impulse sales. A popular solution is to display colourful merchandise in these cylinders on top of the food display cabinet. Think companion products like lemons or tartare sauce squeezies near the seafood. Or sauce sachets near the ready-to-cook baked products. Or bamboo cutlery near the ready-to-eat foods.

The clear acrylic allows full visibility of the products contained in them.

They help create unique, visually exciting displays:
Displaying many products, particularly smaller ones, in showcases and window displays can be challenging. Often products are displayed flat on a shelf. The resuling display is visually uninteresting and will do little to encourage customers into the shop. A proven techniqu to add more excitiment to a display is to landscape it by adding different elevations to the products. Acrylic cylinders can do that when used as plinths. There are 4 sizes from 100mm to 400mm high.

Acrylic Cylinder Indicative Design Image

Indicative design

Acrylic Cylinders Four Sizes Image

Four sizes

Acrylic Cylinder Container or Plinth Image

Use as a container or a plinth

These Acrylic Cylinders are open at the top (or bottom) depending on how they are used. Use them as a container to display small items. Or invert them and use them as a display plinth or riser. Select from 4 heights.

Acrylic Cylinders for Buffet Displays Image


Acrylic Cylinders with Platters


Acrylic Cylinders in Delis Image


Acrylic Cylinders can be used for more than dry goods like jewellery or clothing accessories. Fresh Food businesses like delis, butchers or buffets use them as a plinth to add elevation to their food displays and create eye-catching displays of fresh food

Acrylic cylinders for fresh food displays.

Acrylic cylinders for fresh deli displays


Type:Acrylic Cylinders
Made from:3mm clear acrylic
Open at one end
Made in:China
Request for more specifications
Packaging:Individually boxed
For:All businesses
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
* More information on Special Pricing for Acrylic Displays

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Acrylic Cylinder 100mm High

Open Top. Closed Base
197mm diameter
Cheaper for 6+


Acrylic Cylinder 200mm High

Open Top. Closed Base
197mm diameter
Cheaper for 6+


Acrylic Cylinder 300mm High

Open Top. Closed Base
197mm diameter
Cheaper for 6+


Acrylic Cylinder 400mm High

Open Top. Closed Base
197mm diameter
Cheaper for 6+

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