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removable adhesive gel dots

The amazing new type of adhesive for displays.

Strong. Discreet. Removable without leaving a mess.


These are some of the new products we are adding in 2020. They are not quite ready. In the meantime, please email us for more information.


New for 2020

For temporary retail displays

For lightweight materials only

These adhesive display dots are recommended for retail displays where a clean, removable and temporary adhesive is required.

An amazing new type of adhesive that is strong and discreet but most importantly is removable without leaving a mess. These round gel pads are 15mm in diameter and come on reels of roughly 9 meters (500 units). Easy to peel off backing paper and apply to your media, the other side is peeled and applied by the end user.

The gel material is engineered to grip but be removed from most surfaces without any trace or damage. Perfect for windows, glass, plastic, white goods, stainless steel, monitors, screens, painted walls and other smooth surfaces.

Each dot can hold a price ticket or advertising flyer up to A5 size on any clean and smooth surface. 4 of the dots can hold up a regular A1 size poster. For heavier media see the pad style FOA10.

Pad thickness is 1mm.

Adhesive Gel Dots are 15mm and Clear
Clear Adhesive Gel Dots 15mm diameter
Adhesive Gel Dots for Temporary Signs Image

Adhesive Gel Dots for Temporary Signs

Adhesive Gel Dots Supplied on Rolls of 500

Adhesive Gel Dots Supplied on Rolls of 500

How to use

Peel off the dots from brown roll paper and apply to your sign/poster/media with the white backing paper still on. Gently peel off the white round backing paper just before sticking on surface. To remove after use just pull the print media off, no residue or damage will be left.

Page last updated 27 January 2020