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The perfect solution for hand-tagging clothing and similar merchandis

Here is how:

  • Start with the Cardboard Tags
  • Add your prices using a Price Gun and Labels
  • Attatch the Tagss to your merchandise with a Tag Attacher Gun
  • Or use our Security Loops for hard-to-tag goods

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What is the best way to add prices to clothing?

Quick and easy

Handwrite or use price gun to add prices

Apply with Plastic Fasteners

In many retail businesses some merchandise cannot be satisfactorily labelled with a price labeller and self adhesive labels. Some of those products include clothing, clothing accessories like scarves, soft toys, decor fabrics, garments in charity shops, carpets and tea towels. The preferred option for adding prices and other consumer information is to use a Tag with a price label and apply with a Tag Attacher or Security Loops.

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The Tags are supplied in rolls. Each individual Tag is easy to tear off as required. No boxes of loose tags that get messy if dropped. Each Tags is pre-punched with a hole for the Plastic Attachments.

TIP: When using Tags for clothing attach to the tag inside the neck of the garment and fix to the garment label rather than the garment fabric. Use a Plastic Fastener that is an appropriate length that will minimise tangling. 25mm is the most commonly specified. More businesses are now using one of the Security Loops and hand-applying to a button hole on the front of the garment. This minimises the risk of injury to staff when using a Tag Attacher with a needle.


Brand:Avery Dennison Monarch
Type:Cardboard Tags
Custom Colours:
Custom Printing:Yes*
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Specified in:USA
Made in:Australia
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
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Pack of 6,000

Cardboard Tag A1410 Plain White

Avery Dennison Monarch Brand
28.6 x 26.2mm
Pack of 6,000 tags
Lower Price for 2 or more

Pack of 2,000

Cardboard Tag AR1610 Plain White

Avery Dennison Monarch Brand
38.2 x 22.2mm
Pack of 2,000 tags
Lower Price for 2 or more


Starter Tag Attacher Kit for Clothing

One Price Labeller, 10,000 Price Labels, 1 Tag Attacher, 10,000 Plastic Fasteners, 6,000 Cardboard Tags
SAVE $91.05

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