Shopping Basket with Wheels Large 43 Litre Image

Roller Shopping Baskets 43 Litres

Providing increased capacity for increased sales

  • Premium quality
  • Retractable pull along handle
  • Carry handle for lighter loads
  • Red, black or blue baskets
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Large size so customers buy more

Easy to manoeuvre

Improved shopping experience

These large Shopping Baskets with Wheels can help a business to increase sales by 20% or more. Retailers know that shoppers stop shopping when their standard carry basket is full. Roller Shopping Baskets offer a solution with a 43 litre capacity they let the customer keep shopping.

There are many other features and benefits the customer and including ease of manoeuvrability and improved shopping experience. MORE.

Stackable Roller Shopping Baskets 43 Lires

3 Colours. Stackable.

50mm Twin Rolling Shopping Basket Wheels

Twin 50mm Rolling Wheels

Heavy Duty 43 Litres Roller Shopping Basket

43 Litre Capacity

Strong Carry Shopping Basket Handle

Strong Carry Handle

Pull Along Telescopic Handle on Roller Shopping Baskets

Pull Along Extendable Handle

Keep Roller Shopping Baskets Clean

Slotted Design Keeps Dust Out


Made from:Recyclable Polypropylene
Colours:Red, black or blue
Capacity:43 litre
Made in:China
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Optional Extras:None
For:Supermarkets, Libraries, Retail
Prices: Ex-Sydney warehoue
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:Click for information *
* For national retailers

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Please note that due to the volume and weight of these shopping baskets the freight component may need to be revised after finalising checkout. Particulary to areas outside of CBD zones. Add items to a quote cart from each product page.

Roller Shopping Basket 43 Litre Black

530mmW x 385mmD x 440mmH

Carton of 5

Roller Shopping Basket 43 Litre Red

530mmW x 385mmD x 440mmH

Carton of 5

Roller Shopping Basket 43 Litre Blue

530mmW x 385mmD x 440mmH

Carton of 5

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