About Suction Cups
About Suction Cups

About Suction Cups

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Our Suction Cups are made from soft vinyl so they adhere well to smooth surfaces and will not scratch or mark glass or plastics.

These are some of the most popular applications of Suction Cups:

            Shop Window Signs
For more information about our Signs and Policy Cards email us.

        Signs for Motor Dealers
For more details about our Acrylic Frames and Sleeves email us.

         Removing Sign Covers
Perfect for lifting panels without leaving fingerprints on acrylic. 

Small to Medium Posters and Signs on Glass
For more information on our Poster
Hanging Systems click here.

Signs on Fridges and Other White Goods
Hang signage on smooth surfaces.

How much weight will our Suction Cups carry?

We cannot provide definitive maximum weight loading because these will vary depending on how smooth and how clean the surface is. The Suction Cup will stick better to glass or other smooth surfaces if the back of the cup is moistened before applying.

If the maximum weight carrying capacity is important for your application we recommend that you request a sample of your desired hook and try them before buying large quantities. Small freight charges will apply. Please email us to arrange this.