About Our Hanging Display Accessories

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Our Hanging Display Accessories are designed to suit a wide range of display applications. When making your selection consider whether the display is to be temporary, nedds to be moved or is premanent.

Self adhesive hangers are designed for permanent displays. Magnetic or suspended grid ceiling hangers are designed for temporary or movable displays. Suspended or Grid Ceilings consist of metal grids usually with plaster or similar tiles suspened between the grid. Our suspended ceiling hangers clip on to this metal grid.

Many businesses still use fishing line or similar products to connect the Poster Hanger Rails to the Ceiling Hangers. Make you life easier and achieve a more professional result every time with our fixed length hanging wires. No more trial an error trying to get your poster level and all at the same height.




 An example of a self adhesive hanger

An example of a suspended
ceiling Hanger

Examples of fixed length
Hanging Wires

How much weight will our Hanging Display Accessories carry?

Although maximum weight loadings are specified for some of the accessories ultimately this will depend on factors outside of our control. For example, how clean the surface is to which self adhesive hangers are to be adhered. If the maximum weight carrying capacity is important for your application we recommend that you purchase one pack and try them before buying large quantities.


All styles of Hanging Display Acessories will be supplied packed in bags of 10 for small orders. Orders over 100 are supplied in bags of 100. Please order in multiples of 10 for small orders or 100 for larger orders.