MTA Scallop Bowl Size 0 Black

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170mm x 130mm
x 80mm high.
Lower price for 10 or more.

MTA Scallop Bowl Size 0 Black

Description: MTA Polypropylene Scallop Bowl Size 0 Black
Bowl Size: Size 0: Small. 170mm wide x 130mm long x 80mm high.
Bowl Colour: Black. Red and white not available in this size.
Made In: Designed and manufactured in Australia.
Made From: Polypropylene. Resistant to meat and food acids. Easy to clean in hot water..
Companion Products: Plastic Lids are not available for this size.
Prices: Apply to online orders only.
Quantity Discounts: As shown above. Click on "Request A Quote" for discounts for 200 or more Scallop Bowls.

Basil leaves not included. These have been added to provide relative scale.