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Better quality baskets Independently tested for impact resistance and weight carrying limits

Introduction Strength Tests

As far as we are aware these shopping baskets are the only ones sold in Australia that have been independently tested for strength and durability.

When you buy these baskets from Shop4Shops you can be confident that you are buying shopping baskets that are made to last and will withstand the demands of busy retail environments.

About the Testing Company

The baskets have been independently tested for use in retail businesses by SGS. SGS is the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, with more than 95,000 employees and a network of over 2,400 offices around the world.

The shopping baskets with handles sold by Shop4Shops are premium quality baskets manufactured in New Zealand. SGL New Zealand was chosen to independently test and certify the strength of the baskets.

Strength related features

Shopping Baskets Independently Tested Smal and Large Image
Large 26L and Small 20L Baskets
Both size baskets were
Shopping Baskets Independly Tested Heavy Duty Handles Image
Heavy Duty Twin Handles
To evenly distribute the load when carried
Shopping Baskets Independently Tested reinforced Rims
Reinforced Rims
To minimise damage during use or abuse


Shopping Baskets Independently Rested Heavy Load Carrying Image

Heavy Load Carrying
Up to 100Kg for the Large Baskets


The test results

Shopping Baskets Independly Tested by SGS Image

Independently tested by SGS
With a series of drop, compression and load tests. These tests were conducted to the point of failure

Shopping Basket Strength Testing Drop Tests Image

Drop Testing on Basket Bases
Repeated dropping on to their base from a height of 1500mm with a load of 10Kg resulted in no damage

Shopping Baskets Drop Tests on Cocrners Image

 Drop Testing on Basket Corners
Repeated dropping on to the basket corners from a height of 1500mm with a load of 10Kg showed only minir damage

Shopping Basket Compression Tests on Bases Image

Compression Tests on Basket Bases
The baskets were tested to withstand force on the base.
They did not start to fail until 265Kg.

Shopping Baskets Compression Testing Sides Image

Compression Tests on Basket Sides
The baskets were tested to withstand force from the sides. They did not start to fail until 105Kg was applied.

Shopping Baskets Maximum Load Image

Maximum Load Carrying Capacity
The baskets were shown to carry 104.5Kg for 35 minutes before failure of the handles. Heavier than many people!

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Blog originally created 01 September 2018
Blog last updated 27 January 2020