12 A4 24 DL Brochure Stand Carousel

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Stainless Steel
Clear Brochure Pockets
Cheaper for 5 or more


Assemmble in minutes. Our brochure carousel stand has 12 A4 pockets and 24 DL pockets spaced 2 levels of 6 A4 and 2 levels of 12 DL.
The spinners are height adjustable by moving the collar and spinner up and down the pole. Spinners rotate on a separate collar that is supplied with the stand.
Ideal for tourism and health advice brochures.
Add an optional A4 or A5 sign holder to the top of the carousel. Sold separtely.
The base is threaded and has a double locking mechanism to stop it loosening from the pole.


Floor Space Required:
1770mmH x 450mmW
Base Finish:
Stainless Steel
4 levels adjustable height, 3 sided
A4 Internal Brochure Size:
218mm x 285mm x 30mm
DL Internal Brochure Size:
105mm x 210mm x 30mm
Brochure Pocket Material:
Clear high impact polystyrene
Base Dimensions:
12kg 350mm diameter 13mm thick
Pole, base, 4 spinners, 4 collars, 12 A4 pockets, 24 DL pockets, hardware bolts and tool

Page last updated 1 May 2020