6 A4 Brochure Stand Small Carousel

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Stainless Steel
Includes A4 Sign Holder
Cheaper for 5 or more


Utilise the smaller height of this 6 pocket A4 Brochure Stand on counters or raised areas.
The spinners are height adjustable by moving the collar and spinner up and down the pole. Spinners rotate on a separate collar that is supplied with the stand.
Ideal for schools, libraries and shopping centres.
The base is threaded and has a double locking mechanism to stop it loosening from the pole.


Floor Space Required:
1300mmH x 450mmW
Base Finish:
Stainless Steel
1 level adjustable height, 3 sided
A4 Internal Brochure Size:
218mm x 285mm x 30mm
Brochure Pocket Material:
Clear high impact polystyrene
Base Dimensions:
9kg 350mm diameter 13mm thick
Pole, base, 1 spinners, 1 collars, 6 A4 pockets, A4 Framed Sign Holder, hardware bolts and tool

Page last updated 7 July 2020