Barrier Ropes

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1500mm Long
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Our barrier ropes attach to our barrier posts with the snap hook ends. Each rope has a snap hook end to join barrier posts together to form queues or to fence off an area. These ropes are stylish and attractive and typically used in top end Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas and Museums for crowd queues and fencing. They are 1.5 metres long, braided, UV resistant for tough weather conditions and feature stainless steel snap hook ends. Order the poles to suit these separately in Black or Stainless Steel.
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.


6 Colours:
Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Champagne and Pink
Rope Dimensions:
28mm dia. 1500mm long
Rope Material:
Braided Rayon
Snap Hook End Finish:
Stainless Steel or Gold (Gold Hooks supplied with gold posts)
Rope 1.5 metres long with snap hook attachments at EACH end

Page last updated 15 June 2020