Business Card Holder Portrait Clip-On

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Clips-on Brochure Holders
Strong HIP Plastic
Cheaper for 50+


Clip this business card sized holder on to our range of brochure holders to add a take away business card to your contact details to flyers and promotional material displayed in our brochure holder range.
It easily clips over the front of our brochure holder pockets with the clips on the rear of our business card holder. Base of the holder sits flush with our brochure holder range.
Ideal for real-estate agents, casinos and anyone requiring both business card and brochure takeaway options.


External Size:
60mmW x 90mmH x 30mmD
Internal Size:
58mmW x 90mmH x 25mmD
Clear high impact polystyrene
For Card Size:
55mm x 90mm Portrait
Portrait Business Card Holder with rear clips

Page last updated 20 July 2020