Colour Coded Tongs

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Select from 7 colours
230mm or 300mm long
Lower price for 6+ 


High quality stainless steel tongs for food service and displays in deli bowls and kitchen preparation. It is recommended by the HACPP to have separate tongs for different food group to avoid cross contamination by following colour coded guidelines.
Easy to grip and comfortable to hold makes food service a breeze. The sleek design makes them easy to clean and hygienic.

Food Group Designated Examples:
• Red - Raw Meats
• Blue - Raw Fish and Seafood
• Yellow - Raw Poultry
• Green - Fruit and Vegetables
• Brown - Cooked Meats
• White - Bakery and Dairy


Tong Lengths:
Select from 230mm or 300mm
Tong Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
PVC Coated
Select from White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black Brown.

Page last updated 3 September 2020