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platters for fresh food displays

Many fresh food businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to add visual excitement to their displays

  • Premium, commercial quality melamine
  • Plain black, white and colours
  • Woodgrains, concrete-look, marble-look
  • Real and slate-look melamine
  • Bamboo
  • Weathered pewter, onyx and pebble
  • And more aweseome designs

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Commercial quality melamine

Readily available

Delivered Australia wide

Our platters are made from melamine so they are lighter, easier to clean, durable and break-resistant. But most of our customers buy them because of their awesome colours and textures..... marble, woodgrains, slate-look, weathered pewter and more.

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For many progressive fresh food retailers, cramming as much food into as many trays and bowls as possible is not the way to create awesome displays that will stimulate their customers to buy more. A less-is-more approach to laying out food displays is often the preferred option. This can help customers to scan the display cabinets or restaurant buffet and focus on the individual food products rather than the display as a whole. Customer dwell-time at the display counter will increase. And their minds will be stimulated to imagine what culinery delights they could create. Impulse sales will be maximised.

Using well designed food display platters is the on-trend way of achieving these goals, whether for the entire display or for a feature display towards the centre of the cabinet.

For example, three or four rib eye steaks artfully displayed on a slate-look melamine platter, perhaps with a few fresh parsley garnishes, will always look more mouth-wateringly awesome than a pile of steaks piled high in a deep tray. Or a smaller number of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon cutlets alternating skin-up with skin-down displayed on a platter with a weathered timber look will surpass the look of a tray filled with the same products.

Customer shopping habits have changed over recent years. They are far busier with all that life has to offer. They no longer have the time to plan ahead and, plan meals, create detailed food shopping lists and do one big shop a week. They are looking for an improved shopping experience when they shop and they shop 3, 4, or more times a week, not just once.

And there are subtle changes in how they shop and how they are motivated to buy. Psychologists that specialise in researching customer shopping behaviours tell us that many customers now shop for meal ideas rather than ingredients. So a real world scenario is of a busy, over-worked, time-poor, stressed customer rushing into a fresh food shop at 5:00pm. Uppermost in their mind is:

"What am I going to give my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/kids for dinner?"


"Where are the sausages?"

You customers are looking for inspiration and meal suggestions not meal ingredients. The in-store images on this page show how some fresh food retailers are using Platters to improve their displays. More ideas will be added to our Newsletter and Blog Pages soon.

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