food display stave platters

stave melamine platters for food displays

A premium display product from Dalebrook

  • For craft butchers and delis looking for a unique look for their displays
  • Made from melamine so they are lightweight and dishwasher safe

About Stave

Stave Melamine Platters Design Photo

Rectangular Design

Stave Melamine Platters Round Image

Round Design

Stave melamine Platters Paddle Image

Paddle Board Design

These display platters will add to the percieved value of your fresh food displays by evoking images of summer barbequing

In music the word stave refers to the 5 lines a muscian writes notes on. For fresh food displays they have been designed to evoke mental images of hot, sizzling barbeques, summer and alfresco dining.

Stave Melamine Platters Gastro Sizes

The Stave Platters come in Gastro Sizes. So they are modulat with minimal waste of space within a display


How to buy

Please email us for current prices and availability.

Stave Melamine Platters Application Image 1


Stave Melamine Platters Application Image 2


Stave Melamine Platters Application Image 3


Page last updated 11 February 2020