Polywicker Basket Stands Natural Colour Image


New designs. New lower prices

  • Back-tilted stands for improved visibility of your products
  • Two or Three-Tier plus a selection of basket styles
  • Uses the ///// style baskets shown elsewhere
  • Strong castors for mobility

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About Stands for Standard Polywicker Baskets

This range of Display Stands has been designed to give a farm-fresh, more rustic 'look' to your fresh produce and other retail merchandise displays. They have a small footprint and are a great way to stimulate impulse sales. Display more products in less space.

New design

Includes castors

Shipping Australia-wide

Select from 2-Tier or 3-Tier stands in 3 different styles of baskets. Rectangular, Oval and Round. Each stand is made from tubular steel with strong steel cradles to support the baskets. They are powdercoated black and include Heavy Duty Castors that can be locked in place. Each stand is flat packed with easy DIY assembly required. No special tools are needed.


Polywicker Basket Stands Design Image

Indicative design

Polywicker Basket Stands Frame Image

Strong steel frame and cradles

Polywicker Basket Stands Castors

Closeup of heavy duty castors

The upright frame and base of these stands have been redesigned. The upright frame now slopes backwards to provide increased stability and to provide better visibility of the products on displays. The bases are supplied with 5 castors - two of which are lockable.

Closeup of upright frame
Holes for adjustabilty

Type 1 Cradles
Cradle Type 1 cu n whole stand side

Type 2 Cradles
Cradle Type 2 cu n whole stand

The cradles that hold the baskets are height-adjustable so you change their height to suit the merchandise on display. Remove a cradle and basket to change the stand from three-tier to two-tier. Two styles of cradles are available to suit different style baskets.

Two-tier or Three-tier Stands

Select basket style

Optional liners for the baskets

use the EVA matting to protect both the basket and sensitve products like fresh produce.

Optional Ticket Frames

Use the optional Ticket Frames to promote the product and their prices.

How these Basket Stands work

  • Easy to assemble. No tools required.
  • Change from 3-Tier to 2-Tier
  • Swap from baskets to wooden crates ot plastic tubs

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Video: Applications for Basket and Crate Stands

Easy to do
No tools required
Spare parts available

Video: How to Assemble Basket and Crate Stands

Easy to do
No tools required
Spare parts available


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