Acrylic Display Cubes


One standard size. Many display applications.

  • Standard acrylic cube size 300x300x300mm
  • With 5 closed sides and one open side
  • Or custom made sizes subject to minimum order quantities of 10 units and $1000.00

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Australian made

Premium 3mm thick acrylic

Clear Finish

Our standard Acrylic Display Cubes are one of our most popular acrylic display products. The crystal clear acrylic (not inferior styrene plastic) will add a professional, classy, finishing touch to many displays in museums, craft and hobby shops, clothing accessories, wedding gifts,
Acrylic Cubes Design Image


Acrylic Cubes Reinforced Corners Image

Reinforced corners

Acrylic Cubes High Glossy Finish Image

Glossy reflective acrylic

We have designed these cubes with durability and longevity in mind. We use premium 3mm thick acrylic for their construction and we reinforce the corners with acrylic gussets. And because they are made from acrylic they will not turn milky under sunlight or fluorescent lights as do inferior styrene display products. The acrylic is semi-opaque to UV light so you can uses these cubes to cover sensitve products like books in windows without the books fading during short to medium durations.

Please note: These cubes are made from 5 pieces of acrylic. One side is open. We are unable to add hinged lids or sides to these cubes or to add holes or slots unless part of a large custom made job.

How to use Acrylic Cubes:

Acrylic Display Cubes with Products Displayed Inside Image

Open at the top. Use as a container.

Acrylic Display Cubes with Products Displayed On Top Image

Open at the bottom. Use as a plinth.

Acrylic Display Cubes On Side with Overflowing Products Image

Open at the side. For creative displays.

Most of our customers use these Acrylic Cubes as a cover to protect valuable or sensitive products or to prevent customers from touching the items on display. As a cover, they help protect the products on display from dust and dirt as well as from signs of wear caused by excessive handling.

Other customers of ours use them as a display container filled with unpackaged merchandise. But how you use them is up to you:

  • Tilt them on their sides and create an abundant looking display with merchadise cascading out over a shelf or counter.
  • Stack them to create columns or grid-like display modules. But be careful. They may need to be glued or joined together (we cannot do this for you).
  • Mount them on a wall (screw-fix or sit on a minimalist shelf) for eye-catching displays of featured merchandise.
  • Suspend them from the ceiling using our Suspended Cable Display Sysyem (coming soon)


Acrylic Cubes for Security of Jewellery Displays Image

Jewellery Displays

Acrylic Cubes for Sports Memorablia Image

Sporting Memorability

Acrylic Cubes as a Plinth or Riser for Jewellery Displays

Jewellery Display Plinths

Please note: These Acrylic Cubes have been designed for use in commercial displays. They are not suitable for use as fish tanks, pet hamster habitats, kids toy boxes, worm farms, kitchen ware,  

Essential info:

Type:Acrylic cube
Made from:Premium 3mm acrylic
Custom sizes:10+ Minimum Order. POA.
Designed in:Australia
Made in:Australia
Request for more specifications
Packaging:2 per carton
For:All businesses
Availability:1-2 weels.
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
* More information on Special Pricing

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Minimum and multiple order quantities: These cubes are packed in cartons of 2 to protect them during storage and shipping. The minimum order quantity for these cubes is currently 6 units with a 1-2 week lead time plus delivery.

Acrylic Cube

300 x 300 x 300mm
Clear acrylic
Open on one side


More Applications

Acrylic Cubes for Toys Image

For unpacked and loose toys

Acrylic Cubes for Rare Etruscan Statuary Image

For rare Etruscan Statuary

Acrylic Cubes for Sporting Goods Image

Unpacked sporting goods

TIP: How to clean Acrylic Display Products

Commercial spray cleaners like Plexus are available from specialist hardware shops, marine and auto stores. But they are expensive. Alternastively use warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Do not use paper towels or domestic glass cleaners.

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