Clips & Pouches for Data Strips


The essentials for Data Strip ticketing

  • 9 Up PVC Pouch Secures & Protect Tickets
  • Hinged Supergrip allows easy access to products
  • Shelf Talker Clips hold Special and Promotional Tickets
  • Supergrip Shelf Talker Clips better hold tickets for long term use
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At Shop4Shops we supply a large range of Data Strips to many Supermarkets, Bottleshops, Retailers and Pharmacies across Australia. We have narrowed down our range to the top purchased products for quality and price. Our clips and pouch are reliable at securing your A7 and 9 Up tickets to the data strip.  

Supergrip teeth grab onto thicker cards and plastic stock upto 1.5mm.

The PVC pouch is used in many refrigerated areas where plastic clips are more prone to cracking and breaking and reliably secures tickets into the data strip with the back plastic leg. This pouch can be used in Gripper upside down and Flat profiles.

Large Stocks

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Shelf Talker POS Clip in Data Strip with Ticket

Shelf Talker Clips

Data Strip Hinged Gripper Talker Clip

SuperGrip POS Clips

A7 PVC Data Strip Pouch

A7 PVC Pouch protects tickets

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Click to send email: Request for Free Delivery of Accesories for Data Strip.  May apply to orders over $1000 delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane areas.
Pack of 500

Shelf Talker POS Data Strip Clips

25mm wide
Cheaper for 2+ packs

Pack of 100

Hinged Supergrip Data Strip Clips

Grips upto 1.5mm Thick.
Cheaper for 5+ packs

Pack of 100

Supergrip Data Strip Clips

75mm long
Cheaper for 5+ packs

Pack of 100

A7 PVC Pouch for Data Strip

With Data Strip Flap
For A7: 74mmW x 105mmH
Cheaper for 5+ packs

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Hinged Supergrip Shelf Talker Clip

Supergripper for Data Strips

Shelf Talker Clips for Data Strip

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