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Slatwall Acrylic Bins

Two designs to choose from and a Pen Bin.

Our design is made from premium 3mm crystal clear acrylic with clip-on Slatwall Clips made from polycarbonate plastic. The Slatwall clips are virtually unbreakable and offer a much better result then glued on Slatwall backplates.

These Slatwall Acrylic Bins are perfect for toys, hair products, pharmacy items and landscape stones and pebbles.


Made from crystal clear acrylic

Virtually unbreakbale Slatwall clips

A great way to merchandise small items

In the world of retail, the ability to organize and display products efficiently while maintaining an elegant and inviting atmosphere is crucial. Slatwall Acrylic Bins provide an ideal solution that combines organization, visibility, and aesthetics, allowing retailers to create stunning and well-organized displays that captivate customers. Slatwall Acrylic Bins are the perfect addition to your retail space, offering a winning combination of transparency, versatility, organization, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. By incorporating these bins into your displays, you can create an efficient, visually appealing, and customer-friendly shopping experience that sets your retail space apart.

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The Shop4Shops difference is separate Polycarbonate Slatwall Clips which are less likely to break from an all acrylic design


Slatwall Acrylic Bin Deep

240mmW x 200mmD x 150/200mmH
Radius Sides
Save 15% for 16 or more

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Slatwall Acrylic Bin Sloping Sides

240mmW x 200mmD x 75/145mmH
Tough Slatwall Clips
Save 15% for 16 or more

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