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Everything you need to know about Edikio

  • Setting up the printer
  • Loading and activating the software
  • Creating your own tag designs
  • Importing a database of product information
  • Customer testimonials

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Click to view full screen on desktop, tablet or mobile. All videos have been made overseas. Not every software feature or display accessories are available in Australia.

Edikio Ticket Printers: How to Import an Existing Database

Save time. Import your existing product lists into the Edikio software

Edikio Ticket Printers: How to Edit a Ticket Layout

Create your own unique ticket layouts with this powerful software

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Butchers & Delis

What do butchers and delis appreciate about the Edikio Ticketing Solution?

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Bakeries

See what bakeries and cake shops are saying about Edikio ticket printers

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Bakeries 2

Bakeries and similar businesses are one of the most popular applications

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Fresh Food

Fresh Food retailers appreciate how Edikio Tickets can provide a unique look to their displays

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Supermarkets

See what this chain of 3000 supermarkets love about the Edikio ticketing solution

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Seafood

Edikio Ticketing is for all fresh food retailers. Including seafood displays

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Cheese Displays

The Edikio solution is adaptable for any type of food retailers. Including cheese shops.

Edikio Ticket Printers: Edikio Guest for buffet tickets

The innovative ticketing solution dedicated to the hospitality industry

Edikio Ticket Printers: Testimonial Hotel Buffets

What are leading hotels saying about the Edikio solution for buffet tickets

Edikio Ticket Printers: How to Install the Guest Software

Designed to create your own buffet tickets for hotels and restaurants

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