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A complete solution for printing your own food tickets

  • Includes a ticket printer, dedicated software and blank tags
  • Create your own durable, professional-looking plastic tickets in-house and on-demand
  • Designed for supermarkets, delis, produce, butchers, seafood, cakes and pastries, bakeries, hotel buffets and more

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    About Edikio Ticket Printers

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    Create professional looking tickets

    Comply with relevant legislation

    Knowledgeable backup and support

    Edikio Food Ticket Printers are one of the best ways to print your own tickets in-store and on demand. The tickets are waterproof, durable, very low cost and comply with the  compulsory Country of Origin Labelling Laws.

    No more unattractive and unprofessional looking tickets in your fresh food displays. With the Edikio ticket printers you can display all of the product information that your customers need to help them make their buying decisions: price, product description, ingredients, country of origin, allergen information and more. The Edikio Tickets are low cost and are printed in about 15 seconds.

    The Edikio Ticket Printing System creates and prints on plastic tickets which are suitable for all fresh food retailers. Say goodbye to handwritten tickets and signs. Stop wasting time printing and laminating paper tickets. Join the 1000's of retailers who are already benefiting from the many benefits of Edikio tickets.

    Made in France Premium quality printers made in France by Evolis in their ISO 9001- certified production plant. Made in France
    Premium quality printers made in France by Evolis in their ISO 9001- certified production plant.  About Edikio Printers by Evolis
    Launched in 2000. Since then more than 7000 retailers have adopted the Edikio solution to print their price tags.

    Edikio Professional Looking Tickets Image

    Professional looking tickets

    Edikio Ticket Printer Display Accessories Image

    Example for Country of Origen Ticket

    Edikio Ticket Printer Country of Origin Symbols

    Display Accessories

    The All-In-One Food Display Tag System

    Edikio Ticket Printer Package Image

    All-In-One Ticketing Solution
    Everything you need including a high-performance printer. Works just like a standard office printer. Print a plastic food ticket in 15 seconds

    Edikio Printer Software Image

    Plus Dedicated Software
    Easy to use. Includes heaps of standard ticket formats to suit most fresh food retailers, a libray of images plus an exclusinve chalkboard font.

    Edikio Printer Ribboon and Blank Tickets Image

    Plus Blank Tickets and Ribbon
    Drop them into the printer, load the software and you are ready to create your own professional looking tickets. In-house. On-demand.

    Edikio Ticket Printer Durable Plastic Tickets Photo

    Prints on Durable Plastic Tickets
    Not on paper. Hygienic and easy to clean. Resistant to cold and moisture

    Edikio Printer Ticket Sizes

    Select from Four Ticket Sizes
    85x54mm, 120x50mm,
    150x50mm and 54x28mm *

    Edikio Printer Ticket Colours

    Range of Ticket Colours
    Matt black, white, red, green, yellow, silver and more. Plus slate imitation

    * Not all models print on all sizes


    Made in, availability, recommended for,

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    Edikio Access Ticket Printer Kit


    • Edikio Access Printer
    • Edikio Lite Software
    • 100 Blank Credit Card Tickets
    • White Printer Ribbon

    Edikio Flex Ticket Printer Kit


    • Edikio Flex Printer
    • Edikio Standard Software
    • 100 x Blank Credit Card Tickets
    • 100 x 150x50mm Tickets
    • White Printer Ribbon

    Edikio Duplex Ticket Printer Kit


    • Edikio Duplex Printer
    • Edikio Pro Software
    • 200 x Blank Credit Card Tickets
    • White Printer Ribbon

    VIDEO: Edikio Ticket Printers - Introduction

    From opening the box and creating your layouts to displaying your first tickets

    Edikio Tags are Food Contact Compliance

    Specifications Edikio Food Tags

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