Polywicker Basket Earth Colour Image


New colour for businesses looking for something a little different

  • Unique colour
  • 4 sizes to suit many applications
  • Plus a shopping basket style display basket
  • Recommended for fresh food displays

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Aesthetically pleasing colour

Perfect for fresh food displays

Australia-wide deliveries

Polywicker Baskets are one of ther most popular display products for fresh produce whether on ambient temperature displays in bins on refrigerated shelving. Supermarkets love them because they add a more , natural rustic look to their displays. They also help their staff maintain neat and tidy displays.
Polywicker Baskets Earth Colour Indicative Design Image

Indicative design

Polywicker Baskets closeup showing colour Image


5 sizes
Image coming soon

Select form 5 sizes: 3 rectangular, one round and one shopping-basket shape. The rectangular baskets are compatible with most refrigerated. The round design is often used interspersed between the rectangular baskets.

Polywicker Basket Earth Colour Shopping Basket Style Image

The shopping-basket style could be used as a shopping basket in smaller stores. But we have not tested it for this application. It was designed to create feature displays - for example new-season apples, or companion products like sauces and seasonoings, or filled with lemons in front of your seafood cabinet.

Polywicker Baskets Reinforced Top Rim Image

Reinforced Top Rims

Polywicker Baskets Reinforced Stainless Steel Image

Reinforced with Stainless Steel

Polywicker Baskets Reinforced Bottom Rims Image

Reinforced Bottom Rims

Unlike similar Polywicker Baskets, or the natural wicker baskets available from Asian and homewares stores these have been designed for strength and durability. The top and bottom rims are woven over stainless steel rods. And the sides and bases have stainless steel wires running through the panels. This stainless steel has been powdercoated in a matching brown colour to make them almost invisible

Polywicker Baskets Mobile Floor Stands Image

The larger, rectangular baskets are compatible with the new style mobile floor stands


New images coming soon.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Bread Loaves and Rolls

Snack Foods and Confectionery

Craft Supplies



Product 7905


Polywicker Basket Earth Rectangular Small

400mm x 300mm
x 95mm high
Lower price for 4 or more


Polywicker Basket Earth Rectangular Medium

450mm x 300mm
x 95mm high
Lower price for 14 or more


Polywicker Basket Earth Rectangular Large

500mm x 400mm
x 95mm high
Lower price for 8 or more


Polywicker Basket Earth Round

400mm diameter
x 95mm high
Lower price for 12 or more


Polywicker Basket Earth Shopping Basket-style

400mm diameter
x 95mm high
Lower price for 6 or more

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