Fresh Produce Display Bunchline


For those difficult-to-display bunches of fresh produce

  • Attaches to your existing refrigerated produce shelving
  • Perfect for bunches of celery, silverbeet and kale
  • And selected loose produce like leeks
  • Or individual premium, sleeved lettuces like butterleaf and cos
  • Packs of salad greens including spinach

About Bunchline Produce Displays

Create a visually stunning wall of green

Fixes to your existing refrigerated shelving

Australian designed and manufactured

Fresh Produce Display Bunchline Indicative Design
Indicative Design
Fresh Produce Display Bunchline Indicative Application

Indicative Application

Our existing customers regularly ask how they can create good looking display of items bunched items like leeks, celery, silverbeet and kale without detracting from their other produce on display.

These Bunchline Display Modules are more economical than custom made units and they are very easy to install .... just clip them into the uprights of your refrigerated produce shelving. No special tools are required. The height of the shelves are adjustable. Additional shelves can be purchased if required.

How they work

This product is supplied as a set of two 600mm wide modules. They are designed for, and are compatible with most, refrigerated produce display shelving with 1200mm wide bays.

Bunchline for Produce Displays Components Image

Bunchline Components
Includes two moulded ABS Plastic display modules with 3 adustable shelves for each. Overall size of the two modules is 1200mm wide x 1340mm high x 200mm deep. Additional Shelves are available.

Bunchline for Produce Displays Cross Bar Image

Bunchline Cross Bar and Brackets
Remove the shelves from your shelving (except the base). Clip the horizontal 1200mm wide Cross Bar with the two Brackets into the uprights of your shelving. No tools required. The brackets have a 25mm pitch.

Bunchline Panels Clip over the Cross Bar Image

The Bunchline Panels Clip Over the Cross Bar
The Cross Bar and Brackets have some flexibility to cope with variations in different brands of shelving

Bunchline Display Clip In Shelves Image

Bunchline Shelves
Six moulded plastic clip-in shelves supplied for each 1200mm wide module. Additional Shelves can be purchased separately.

Bunchline Display the finished display image

The finished display with bunched produce

Bunchline Display for Lettuce in Sleeves Image

The finished display with sleeved lettuce


Made from:ABS Plastic with steel supports
Sizes:One only
Made in:Australia
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Optional:Additional shelves
For:Fresh produce retailers
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
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Bunchline Display for Fresh Produce

1200mm wide
1340mm high
200mm deep
Much cheaper for 2+

Bunchline Display for Fresh Produce

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