Cheforward Transform Stone Natural Food Displah Bowls Image

food display INFUSE stone natural bowls

Display Bowls with a stone-like charm and character

  • Part of the Cheforward collection of bowls and platters
  • Stone natural finish on the inside
  • Matt Black finish on the outside
  • Two sizes

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Commercial grade melamine

Display or serving applications

Australia-wide deliveries

Indicative Bowl Design

Indicative application

These medium and large display bowls are tough and very durable and are made from food-contact safe melamine. They have a stone-like appearace which matches other trays, bowls and platters in the Cheforward collectons.

Design features

Side view

Base view

These bowls have a speckled stone finish on the inside and a matt black finish on the outside.

Swatch inside

Non-slip feet

Swatch outside

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Type:Food Display Bowls
Made from:Premium Melamine
Heat resistant:-10°C to +110°C
Food contact safe:
Yes. 100%.
BPA Free:
Oven proof:No
Dishwasher safe:Yes

Microwave safe:

Bowl Sizes:Two


Designed in:USA
Made in:China
Lids for Bowls:
Not available
Deli Steps, Utensils
For:Fresh Food Retailers
Despatched in:48-72 hours**


Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Product Details

** Subject to confirmation at the time of ordering

Recommended applications

Displays of fresh, brightly-coloured salads are the most popular application for the Infuse Stone Natural Bowls. BUt the design of the se bowls also makes them highly desirable display bowls for many other fresh foods:




Sliced and Shaved Smallgood

Ready to cook


Buy online:


Cheforward Infuse Stone Bowl Small 254mm

2350ml Capacity
Save 20% for 6 or more


Cheforward Infuse Stone Bowl Large 330mm

5100ml Capacity
Save 20% for 3 or more

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