Slatwall Technical Information

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Sizes and Tolerances

Slatwall panels are routed from medium density fibreboard which are supplied either unfinished (paint ready) or finished (Lamiwood or laminated), with grooves running along the 2400mm plane unless otherwise ordered.

The nominal size of a Slatwall panel is 2400 x 1200mm with a nominal thickness of 18mm. For laminated panels (laminates or acrylic mirror), the nominal thickness is 19mm.

For some colours and finishes Slatwall Panels are supplied with a nominal thickness of 16mm.

Tolerances for the length and width of the Slatwall Panels are +/- 0.2mm. With laminated panels the thickness tolerance can be +/- 0.5mm depending on the laminate used.


Aluminium and PVC Extrusions

The Slatwall "T" and "L" extrusions (aluminium or PVC) are supplied in 2400mm lengths with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. Slatwall can be supplied in 1200mm lengths for specific applications.

End cappings and angle trims in aluminium or PVC are available to accomodate Slatwall Panels  with a nominal thickness of 18mm or 16mm. Laminated panels may need to be rebated for use wuth these end cappings and angle trims.


Comprehensive Technical Data

For specific technical data on the medium density fibreboard substate (the boards from which Slatwall is manufactured) reference to the board supplier's technical data sheets is recommended.


 "L" Profile Extrusion

 "L" Profile Extrusion Sizes

 "T" Profile Extrusions

 "T" Profile Extrusion Sizes