Wooden Display Crate Size 1 Natural Finish

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400 x 300 x 90mm
Cheaper for 4 or more


Wooden Display Crate SIze 1 with Closed Sides. Premium Natural Finish.


Crate Size:
Size 1: Small. 250mm wide x 150mm long x 75mm high.
Crate Finish:
Crate Sides:
Closed. Unslatted.
Crate Base:
Ply with Natural finish
Crate Handles:
Polypropylene Liners:
Yes. Purchase separately
Flat EVA Liners:
OPtional. Confirm availability before ordering
Moulded Fruit Separator Liners
Optional. Purchase separately.
Non Slip Matting Liners:
Purchase rolls and cut to size yourself
Polycarbonate Lids:
OPtional. Yes. Purchase separately
Apply to online orders only.
Quantity Discounts:
Yes. Refer to Product Details.
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