Food Display Bowl Rounded Corners Size 1 Terracotta

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230mm x 230mm
x 76mm high.
Much cheaper for 24 or more.


The terracotta colour and the smaller size of these Ceres Bowls makes them a popular choice for creating awesome displays of olives in a deli. The colour helps black and green olives stand out which tend to get lost in black bowls.

In stores with longer fresh food display cabinets, customers tend to congregate towards the centre. For this reason, this zone is the best place to display value-added and higher profit products. A zone of fresh food displayed in terracotta bowls will help maximise the sales from this area.

Black is also commonly used to display fresh poultry.


Bowl Size:
Small. 230mm wide x 230mm long x 75mm high.
Bowl Colour:
Terracotta. Gloss finish on inside. Matt terracotta finish on the outside.
Companion Products:
Clear PETG Lids sold separately.
Special Prices Large quantities:
Click to send email for: Special Prices for 96 more Ceres Bowls.

Tomatoes are not not included. These have been added to provide relative scale.

Page last updated 18 May 2024