Data Strip Hanging 26x914mm Black

Carton of 50
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Not every retailer needs to display all of their product description and price labels on the fronts of shelves. Hanging Data Strips provide a label display solution for the wire shelf fronts of gondola shelving, wire baskets and bins. 

This is our most popular Hanging Data Strip size and colour. The size is compatible with most standard supermarket shelves with wire fronts. They have 4 pre-punched hanging holes spaced 290mm apart. The hanging loops are included. Supplied in carton of 50.

Type: Hanging Data Strip with Hanging Loops

Size: Length 914mm suitable for most standard retail display shelving

External Height: 43mm Internal Height: For 26mm high labels

Hanging Loops: 200 hanging loops are included.

Colours: Clear front with black backing. Natural-colour plastic hanging loops.

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Page last updated 15 March 2020