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About Food Tickets

Create professional-looking tickets

Comply with Country of Origin labelling requirements

Prompt, Australia-wide deliveries

Retailing in Australia is changing rapidly and consumer shopping habits are changing faster than ever before.

The decline and recent closures of some bricks and mortar stores is often blamed on online shopping. But research clearly shows that most Australian customers prefer to shop in store rather than online. So what is going wrong? Researchers believe that customers are walking away from physical stores, not because of online shopping, but because of the stores failure to listen to the needs of their customers and adapt to these challenges. In fresh food businesses customers want to be wowed by the fresh products on display (hard to do online) and be able to make informed purchasing decisions quickly. And they seek better shopping experiences.

63% of customers want more information about the fresh food they are buying. Not just a brief product name and a price. But also Country of Origin information, allegen advice, where it was grown, even wine pairings. A quality food ticketing system will go a long way towards satisfying this need. And help improve the customers shopping experience.

Two types of Food Tickets from Shop4Shops

Food Tickets Standard Image

Standard Food Tickets and Accessories: The traditional style that has been used by businesses for many years. Tickets with spikes. Tickets with clip on accessories. With handwritten or P-touch product names and push-in numbers for pricing.

Food Tickets Edikio Image

Edikio Ticket Printers and Accessories: The new style of ticketing has revolutionised the ticketing of fresh food. A complete system consisting of an electronic ticket printer, software and tickets. Print durable plastic tickets in-house and on-demand.

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