Edikio Blank Tickets Image


Genuine Edikio Blank Tickets only for use in Edikio Ticket Printer

  • 3 sizes
  • Popular matt black and gloss white
  • And range of other colours for special purpose applications

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Edikio Ticket Sizes

  • Matt Black Credit Card Size Tickets: 85.6mm x 54mm. Thickness: 0.76mm
  • Coloured Credit Card Size Tickets: 85.6mm x 54mm. Thickness: 0.76mm
  • Matt Black Long Ticket Size : 120mm x 50mm. Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Matt Black Long Ticket Size: 120mm x 50mm. Thickness: 0.5mm

NOTE:  It is necessary to adjust the setting on the Edikio Printer to accomodate the different ticket thicknesses.

Edikio Ticket Colours

  • Long Tickets: Matt black only. Gloss White is currently being developed
  • Credit Card Size Tickets: Matt black, gloss white, gloss red, gloss yellow, gloss green and imitation slate border.
    Beige, dark green, dark blue, light blue, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Silver, Gold and Fluoro Yellow

Beware of imitations

Manufacturing Standards

Edikio Tickets are manufatured in a ISO Compliant factory.

Recommended Storage Information

To maximise the life of the Edikio Tickets we recommend:

  • Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatires when storing unused Edikio Tickets
  • It is recommended that the Edikio Tickets are used within 2 years of purchase, provided they have been stored in a cool, dry environment in their original, unopened packaging

Recommended Use for Edikio Tickets

To maximise the print quality and ticket durability we recommend:

  • Do not use tickets that have been damaged, folded or dropped on the floor
  • Do not touch the printable ticket surface in order to preserve the print quality
  • Do not use in high temperature conditions.  Do not place the Edikio Tickets near heat sources or open flames. Ticket degradation will occur above 60 degrees centigrade. Avoid thermal shock, for example, moving the blank tickets from a cold room int a warm one immediately prior to printing
  • Avoid domestic or commercial dishwashers. Avoid cleaning chemicals particularly thise containing alcohol. Wash your printed Edikio Tickets in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent.

Page last updated 29 November 2020