stands for wooden display barrels


Easy to move to retail hotspots in your store
  • Two Tier and Three Tier Stands with pole
  • Easy to move when empty
  • Packs flat for ease of shipping and storage

About Wooden Display Barrels on Stands

Great way to maximise impulse sales

Prompt despatch

Australia wide deliveries

Wooden Display Barrels are proven, effective way of increasing impulse sales. These Freestanding Barrel Display Units use the rustic wooden barrels shown on a previous page.

The rustic appeal of these Wooden Barrel Stands will help create eye-catching in-store displays. Your customers will be encouraged to rummage through their contents looking for a bargain. And your impulse sales will increase.

Select from two multi-barrel stands and one single barrel stand. In your produce department place these Stands in front of your refrigerated shelving units or near your produce bins. Or use them to display companion products .... garlic bulbs near the tomatoes for example.... lemons near the seafood .... batteries near the toys ......

Standard designs

New designs coming soon

Wooden Barrel Display Stands with Legs Image

Special purpose designs


Made from:Real wood. Metal stands.
Sizes:2 sizes
Made in:Australian design. Made in China.
Food grade:Cherry Pine only.
Optional:Inserts, lids
For:Supermarkets, food stores
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
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Small Display Stand with 4 x Small Barrels

1200mm high with 4 x 320mm small barrels with dark stain.
Lower Price for 2 or more.


Applications for Display Stands

These display stands are not just for fruit and vegetables. Here are just a few other applications. They are limited only by your creativity.

When these Barrel Display Stands are used as a rustic Dump Bin or 'Specials' Bin there are a few tips that will help you maximise their effectiveness:
  • Studies in US reveal that Dump Bins are the cheapest and most effective way to increase impulse purchases by customers.
  • These studies indicate that sales increase by 427% when products are placed in a Dump Bin.
  • Dump Bins (and Baskets and Barrels) increase the visibility of products and increase impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency by playing with the shopper's desire for a bargain.
  • For maximum efficiency position the Dump Bin in a high traffic area.
  • Focus on one category of products in each stand but add different colours so that your customers have to look through the display, 
  • Change the products on display weekly.
Photo Wooden Display Barrels Stands for fresh produce

Fresh produce

Photo Wooden Barrel Display Stands for snack foods

Snack foods

Photo Wooden Barrel Display Stands for seasonal promotions

Seasonal and special promotions

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