produce bin steps and ramps

Use to make the displays in your produce bins look fuller and more appealing

  • For standard 900x900mm Produce Bins
  • Use to dummy up the displays
  • Reduce the amount of stock on display while maintaining the look of abundance
  • Less wastage

About Produce Bin Steps and Ramps

For 900 x 900mm Produce Bins

Australian designed and made

Despatche promptly Australia wide

Without these ramps and steps your fresh produce will sit directly on top of the shelf in the bin. Your displays will always look unappealing to your customers and you will need more stock to try and make the displays look full and abundant.

These Ramps and Steps are designed to solve this problem by tilting and dummying up the produce on display, improving the customers visibility of the produce and by using less stock to maintain a full look to the displays. With less produce on display at any one time produce damage and shrinkage are reduced. Additional stock can be stored in your coolroom. The quality of the stock and the profitability of the produce department is improved.

Both the ramps and steps are made from tough, easy to clean ABS plastic. They can be interchanged allowing you to vary the displays in response to seasonal variations of the produce. Most are moulded from a single piece without seams and joins. 

Straight and Corner Stepped Ramps

They sit snugly inside standard 900x900mm bins

Straight and Corner Un-stepped Ramps

New for 2020

To buy the standard ramps and steps scroll down thw page. Images, specifications and prices for these new products are currently being prepared. In the meantime email us for more information.

New Woodgrain Steps and Ramps for Produce Bins Image

Woodgrain Ramps and Steps

Ramps for Produce Bins with Cutouts for Barrels Image

Ramps with Cutouts for Barrels

Produce Bin Ramps with Cutouts for Barrels Application Image

Ramps with Cutouts Application

Produce Bin Ice Tray Image

Produce Bin Ice Trays

Produce Bin Ice Trays Application

Produce Bin Ice Tray Application

Produce Bin Banana Steps New Style

Produce Bin Banana Steps New Styles


Made from:ABS Plastic
Colours:Black, woodgrain
Ramp styles:Straight and corner
Step styles:Straight and corner
Email us for more information
Made in:Australia
Custom sizes:For 20 or more
For:Supermarkets, produce
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:Click for information *
* For national retailers and charities

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Ask about FREE DELIVERY. May apply to orders for 5 or more cartons delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane. Email us for more.

Straight Ramp for Produce Bins

Lower Price for 5+

Corner Ramp for Produce Bins

Lower Price for 5+

Straight Steps for Produce Bins

Lower price for 5+

Bin Topper with Corner Steps

Lower Price for 5+

Pyramid Steps for Produce Bins

Lower Price for 5+


Produce Bin Toppers in-stores-image 4
Produce Bin Toppers in-stores-image 4
Produce Bin Toppers in-stores-image 4

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