Tubs for Fresh Produce Displays Image

tubs for fresh produce displays

Create neat, tidy, eye catching displays with these plastic tubs

  • Black, wood grain or white
  • Large range of sizes for produce bins and shelving
  • Optional lids for some sizes

About Standard Produce Display Tubs

Low prices. Cost effective

14 Sizes for all displays

Made in Australia

These standard plastic produce tubs are one of the best solutions for displaying a range of loose fruits and vegetables. They are sturdy, flexible, washable  and reusable.

Use the smaller tubs for items like ginger, garlic and chilli. The medium tubs are available with or without lids and are perfect for mushrooms, salad mix
and other medium volume items. The larger are recommended for potatoes, carrots, beans, snow peas, broccoli and grapes and other high volume loose produce. 

Use these standard tubs on their own. Or combine them with our special purpose tubs or tubs with clear fronts. White or wood grain plastic laminate tubs can be manufactured to order. Minimum order quantities and manufacturing lead times may apply. Email us for more.

Many Sizes Standard Tubs for Produce Displays Photo

Large range of Sizes
Suitable for most fresh produce whether
sold in small or large volumes.

Black White Woodgrain Standard Produce Tubs Photo

Black, wod grain or white
Black tubs readily available for prompt delivery. Made to order in wood grain or white.

Standard Produce Display Tubs Optional Lids Photo

Optional Lids
Help produce like salad mix or mushrooms from drying out with optional Clear Lids


Made from:Food grade ABS plastic
Sizes:14 standard sizes
Colours:Black, woodgrain, white
Made in:Australia
Optional:Clear lids. Ramps for sloping
Email us for more information
For:Produce displays
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:Click for information *
* For national supermarkets

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Ask about FREE DELIVERY. May apply to orders for orders over $500 of these tubs delivered to Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. Email us for more.

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Display Tub - Medium - 510x310x140mm

Bulk Buy: 48 Tubs


Display Tub - Small - 420x125x70mm

Lower Price for 25+

Display Tub - Small - 505x143x63mm

Lower Price for 50+

Display Tub - Small - 505x143x85mm

Lower Price for 50+

Display Tub - Small 3/4 Size - 510x245x90mm

Lower Price for 25+

Display Tub - Medium - 510x410x70mm

Lower Price for 15+

Display Tub - Medium - 500x385x120mm

Lower Price for 20+

Display Tub - Medium - 600x320x70mm

Lower Price for 15+

Display Tub - Large - 620x420x70mm

Lower Price for 15+

Display Tub - Large - 740x260x80mm

Lower Price for 10+

Display Tub - Large - 800x460x80mm

Lower Price for 10+

In-store Photos of Tubs

Standard Produce Tubs on Refrigeration Shelves Photo
Standard Tubs on Produce Bins and Ramps
Standard Tubs on Produce Display Shelving

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