Dividers for Fresh Food Displays

dividers for fresh FOOD displays

For fresh produce, delis, butchers and seafood

  • Select from standard off the shelf sizes
  • Or, subject to minimum orders of 10, we can supply custom sizes
  • Black ABS, Clear Polycarbonate or White Acrylic
  • Two styles

About Dividers for Fresh Food Displays

Made in Australia

Select from standard sizes

Or can be custom made

In the Fruit and Vegetable Department dividers will help you to create neat and tidy multi-product displays. They are typically used on the shelves in refrigerated wall display units. They do require a little staff training and expertise if the displays are to always look great. If not, we do have alternatives.

For applications where the produce is sitting directly on top of the shelves we recommend using our Non Slip Matting to protect both the shelves and the items on display.

Dividers are required by Health Authorities for many displays of fresh food in the Delicatessen and similar departments to prevent cross contamination between different food groups. Examples of food groups that may need to be separated include seafood from smallgoods, shellfish from other fish and poultry from smallgoods and other meats. But dividers are not just a requirement by health authorities. Many customers like to see food with allergens to be separated ... food containing dairy, gluten, wheat and nuts.


Photo Produce Dividers Split Foot Design

Dividers with split foot design

Produce Dividers L Desigh Photo

Dividers with folded L leg design

Dividers Produce Displays Custom Sizes Photo

Dividers in custom styles and sizes

All three styles available in black, clear polycrbonate or white acrylic. Gloss black dividers are available in some sizes.
New 2020 product images and prices for all types are currently being added to this page.

Our preferred design for all dividers is to make them out of a single piece of ABS or other suitable food-contact grade plastic ... with no joins to weaken the divider. These legs are typically folded alternately to the left and the right to make the divider self-supporting. The dividers with the L Leg design are an alternative.

Most of our dividers are made from gloss acrylic, black, clear, white or colours. They look great and are easy to clean. Our budget dividers are made from ABS Plastic to keep the costs down. The clear and premium dividers are made from super tough polycarbonate plastic. These are virtually unbreakable with normal use.

Fresh Food Dividers on Produce Display Shelving Image

On Refrigerated Produce Display Shelving.

In Fresh Food Display Cabinets Image

In Fresh Food Display Cabinets

In Fresh Produce Display Bins

On Fresh Produce Display Bins


Made from:ABS, Polycarb or acrylic
Sizes:3 standard
Standard Lengths:400mm, 500mm, 600mm
Standard Heights:mm
Made in:Australia
Email us for more information
Custom sizes:Minimum of 10
For:Fresh food retailers
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours *
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:Click for information **
* Standard sizes  ** For national supermarkets

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Divider for Food Displays Black Split Foot 400mm Black

400mm x 100mm
3mm thick ABS Plastic
Much cheaper for 10+

Divider for Food Displays Black Split Foot 500mm Black

500mm x 100mm
3mm thick ABS Plastic
Much cheaper for 10+

Divider for Food Displays Black Split Foot 600mm Black

600mm x 100mm
3mm thick ABS Plastic
Much cheaper for 10+
Dividers for Seafood Displays Image


Dividers for Smallgoods Displays Image

Need Prices for Custom Made Dividers?

If you would like prices for Custom Size Dividers please email us. We will need the following information:

 Design: Split Leg or L Design
 Colour: Black, white or clear
 Size: Length and height
 Quantity required: Minimum order is 10 per size
 Sketch of the design: To help us understand your requirements
 Photo: Of existing dividers
 Purpose: Produce or deli displays
 Your business name: We only supply businesses
 Your business address: So we can include our delivery charges
 When required: Allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication


Fresh Produce contained between dividers image
Food Display Dividers Fresh Produce Department Image
Fresh ProduceDividers on Refrigerated Shelving Image

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Unless maintained regularly by enthusiastic staff food displays with dividers can look mediocre particularly when used for fresh produce. They get moved easily, look poor when stock is low and are labour intensive. Using one or more of the readily available containers for fresh food many of these nagatives can be overcome. And replenishing the displays is easier. The containers can be filled in the workroom and quickly swapped over in the shop.

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