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A Basic Display System for retail display and storage shelving

  • Commercial quality components designed for businesses
  • Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shelving System
  • Not just for shelving but also a low cost shopfitting system including applications for clothing displays

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About Slotted Wall Stripping


Heavy duty

Australia-wide deliveries

This product is not the the same as similar products available from hardware shops. It has been designed for commercial applications that require macimum weight loading capabilities.


Slotted Stripping Uprights

Wall Stripping Uprights
Single Slots or Double Slot

40mm Wall Stripping Pitch

40mm Pitch
Measured as pictured

Slotted Stripping Brackets for Wall Stripping

Shelf Brackets
Chrome and White finishes

Our Slotted Wall Stripping and Brackets have a 40mm pitch. It may not be compatible with other similar looking products available elsewhere. If you are looking for products to match those you have purchased from an other supply please check that the pitch is the same.


The Accessories for the Slotted Wall Stripping in this Departments are also compatible with the following Shopfitting Systems:

Concealed Stripping

Concealed Stripping
With 40mm pitch

Slotted Post 40mm Pitch Freestanding Gondola

Floor Standing Units
With 40mm pitch

Slotted Post 40mm Pitch System

Slotted Tube
With 40mm pitch

Accessories and Applications

Display flexibility is one of the key features of this low-cost display system. Use our range of products to display your merchandise anywhere!

Clothing displays for 40mm Pitch Wall Stripping

Clothing Display Fittings
Side hanging, front hanging & arms

Melamine Shelves for Wall Stripping

Melamine Shelves
Add board shelves for clothing

Glass Shelves for Giftware

Glass Shelves
Add glass shelves for giftwares

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FACT SHEET Wall Stripping and Brackets

Features, benefits.
Innovative applications.

HOW TO GUIDE Installing Wall Stripping and Brackets

Maximising the strength
of this display system

FACT SHEET Wall Stripping Maximum Load Limits

If installed correctly this
system rarely fails. But there
are limits 

FACT SHEET Slotted Wall Stripping Specifications

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