Polywicker Basket Display Stands Main Image

polywicker basket DISPLAY STANDS

Designed to help stores make a great first impression when their customers enter their stor

Recommended for supermarkets, fresh produce shops, gourmet food and convenience stores.

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Use for Off Shelf Displays

And for cross merchandising

Washable. Durable.

Polywicker Display Stands Tops and Bases Image

Tops and Bases sold separately
Combine in different ways to create many different display options

Polywicker Basket Display Stands 3 Round Sizes Image

Three Sizes Round
All sizes are available in the natural wicker colour or chocolate

Polywicker Basket Display Stands 3 Square Sizes Image

Three Sizes Square
All sizes are available in the natural wicker colour or chocolate

Polywicker Display Stands Close Up of Weave Natural Colour Image

Closeup Natural Colour
The polywicker is tightly woven for
strength and durability

Polywicker Display Stands Close Up of Weave Chocolate Colour Image

Closeup Chocolate Colour
Polywicker is durable, easy to clean and fully washable

Polywicker Display Stands Close of Reinforcing Wire Image

Reinforced with steel
The polywicker is woven around steel frames and reinforced side panels

Polywicker Basket Display Stands Options Image

How they work: Tops and Bases can be mixed in different ways
Both components can be inverted

Polywicker Basket Display Stands Options Sketch

Line Drawing of the same display in the photo to the left
Showing just a few of the options

1: Small Top. 2: Medium Top 3: Large Top 4: Small Base Inverted 5: Medium Base 6: Large Base. Similar options for Round Basket Displays. See individual products below for specifics on compatability.

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How tobuy online:

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BUY Polywicker Basket Display Top Small Round Natural

450mm wide 100mm high
Lower price for 10+

More images

Polywicker Basket Stands Application Image 1
Polywicker Basket Stands Application Image 2

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Polywicker Basket Display Stands Related Wooden Platforms

Wooden Platforms
To provide different elevations to the display stands and add to their visual excitement

Polywicker Display Stands Related More Baskets Image

More Polywicker Baskets
Large range of matching individual baskets and floor stands. Include in larger displays.

Polywicker Display Stands Related Wood Wool Image

Wood Wool
Use to line the baskets to protect produce and the baskets and add more rustic charm.

Polywicker Display Stands Related Ticket Frames and Stands Image

Ticket Frames and Stands
The preferred way of adding signs, prices and product information to the display

Polywicker Display Stands Related Wooden Display Barrels Image

Wooden Display Barrels
For soft, delicate produce and to add
to the rustic appeal

Polywicker Dsplay Stands Related Produce Bins Link Image

Produce Bins
Frequently mixed with the Polywicker Display Stands when creating larger displays

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