Octagonal Food Display Bowl main photo


Traditional design popular for salads, dips and value added products.

The unique design of these bowls is what sets them apart from other fresh food display containers. The octagonal shape allows businesses to create space efficient displays that are eye-catching.

  • 3 Sizes. Black only
  • High gloss finish

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Australian made by MTA

Bowls nest for space effiency

Look great on Display Steps

What is old is new again. These Octagonal Food Display Bowls were popular 10 or more years ago. In more recent times their popularity has returned as delicatessens and butchers seek to add a unique 'look' to their displays. Typically they are not used to fill all of the fresh food display cabinet but are used to create visually different zones within the display. This approach helps your customers focus on the different types of products that are available and helps them make their buying decisions.

Shape of Octagonal Food Display Bowl Photo

Indicative design

Octagonal Food Display Bowl photo gloss finish

High gloss finish

Octagonal Food Display Bowl photo optional lids

Optional Lids (now discontinued)

Octagonal Bowls are the traditional way of displaying fresh salads, olives and antipasto. They are economically priced, yet made in Australia to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are manufactured from high quality, food-contact grade SAN Acrylic making them hygienic and resistant to staining from food acids. 

Select from 3 sizes. Black only. Optional PETG and Custom made Acrylic lids are available to help minimise food deterioration and drying.


Type:Food Display Bowls
Made fromSAN Acrylic
Heat resistant:-20°C to +120°C.
Lids:For large size
Designed in: Australia
Request for more specifications
Made in:Australia
Optional:Deli Steps. Utensils.
For:Fresh Food Retailers
Availability:Despatched in 24 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
* More information on Smart Bowl Special Pricing

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Carton of 24
Carton of 24
Carton of 12

Octagonal Bowl Large Black

230x230x103mm high

Lid for Large Octagonal Bowl Clear

230x230x50mm high

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MTA Octagonal Bowls for Antipasto
MTA Octagonal Bowls for Salads
MTA Octagonal Bowls for Delicatessens

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